October 21, 2011

Part of a Whole

I am a part of a whole;Adam, he purchased my soulto the hell that I amfrom his sin that began Death
and grew

from federal father. That manbeget, like leaven, a man;and, onward and ever,the race rose and deliveredus damned.

I, black as the darkest of nights,loving the darkness... a Light!--Your Spirit shown into my innermost being.And, I knew
I would never be free;a part of the whole guilty thing.In Adam, I own The Fall.
Yet, I sin
But kindness, oh mercy You showedin Jesus--my very own.My history wrentas His body you spentfor my sin.

Your wrath shook the heavens and Him,as He took in His body my sin.As fully You punished,that much I replenishmy hope.

--That anew, a new Adam is He;
new Life I have, sinless and free;
a new race, a new seed
a new Father for me,
a new family.

Oh, I am a part of a whole;
Christ, He has purchased my soul.
To God I'm redeemed,
and for this I sing My thanks.