February 1, 2014


Would you with Jesus daily walk
only in one direction,
o're the waves on the storms of life
like Peter with fixed attention?

Would you rise or faithless fall 
with your soul's affection?


In the cool of the morning
I croon to you warning
of arms that would hold you 
till dark 

as up we lay asking 
at God's kindness basking 
at those sparks in a dark 
lonely sky

We're but sparks in a dark lonely sky 
just sparks in a dark lonely sky 
I would ever-be never without you my love
my spark in a dark lonely life.  

Why we two together
with hands gently tethered
have grace in such generous

but sparks rose a flame
to a fire never tamed
and the whole world's ablaze
with our light

I would ever-be never without you, my love,
my spark in this dark, lonely life.