November 16, 2013

Measured Amounts of Faith and Hope, Measured Results of Peace and Rest

There's a deep, sweet well of peace and rest
for the Christian soul to try.
If he's brave enough to humbly come,
there is endless and good supply.


Drink my brothers, my sisters, my fellow
heirs in the grace of life.
There is only as much as your faith and hope
in the wonderful work of Christ.

There is always as much as your faith and hope
in the wonderful work of Christ.

June 13, 2013


I sn't it amazing?
S ay it is. It's so
A bsolutely amazing,
A boy of mine to hold.
C an you believe he's here?

It's Isaac, my dear.

Silly Song with Ollie

Down by the lake on the willow tree swinging like monkeys in the Summer breeze. Take a running leap and up we go, off from the tree down to the lake below.
Swim like fishes by the lake-ee shore,take a deep breath and down we go to the bottom where the clams do showus treasures in their shells in the lake below.
Push off the bottom of the lake floor. Just before the top. And, we sneak real slow to watch feet of a duck kicking, "Go, go, go." Take a little nip off of Ducky’s toe.
Looking o're his shoulder had a heart attack; thought an alligator got a him-sized snack. Fly away, fly away, "Quack, quack, quack!" Ollie and Daddy waving, "Hey, Duck come back, come back." 
Floating on our backs like lilypad frogs;
staring up sharing our wishes and all; watching that tree just a’wave his arms
t the mamas and the cousins and the dogs out in the yard.

MM-hmm, Oh Oh, MM-hmm,
in the lake below, Oh oh.

February 7, 2013

On Ownership and Guilt

When the moonshine's as bright
as it'll get for the bright-eyed
young man's fumbling
fingers to stumbling 
on up a younger one's 
quivering, crumbling, 
deeply asundered 
what then?

Is it you or was it me,

was it Adam, was it Eve, 
or the devil in a snake, 
coiled up in poisoned hate, 
maybe Alpha and Omega 
bent on giving freedom 
to such a vast estate 
with The Devil as a date? 

Or is it being loved 
by Someone so rich we could never earn a cent, 
got us greedy, 
stole our senses 
till we started needing 
something other than the grace 
of the light upon our Lover's face 
to spend our breath 
from out our lungs, 
so we chose poverty and death
to break our Innocence in theft?

On Treacherously Keeping It In.

Does he love you tonight?
Did it keep you up until tomorrow?
How do you keep it all together, Babe,
counting all those damned, dead sparrows 
by yourself?

You're by yourself, now.
And you'll always be alone
there, there
by yourself.

You got your anger
in the whitest little flame,
the color of your ghostly, gauntly, ghastly, 
cowardly little game 
there by yourself.


Devil and the angels got their promises to keep,
like you got your pity
keeping you from sleep 

there by yourself.


You got your silence
in a violent, little box.

Opened it up to teach me a lesson;
ain't you a sly little fox 
there by yourself.

You're by yourself, now.
And you'll always be alone 
there, there
by yourself.